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The OLR is a bilingual and peer­ reviewed academic journal published by the students of the Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. Student editors manage all editorial and operational aspects of the journal with guidance from Faculty Advisors.

Since its founding in 1966, the OLR has been committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence. The OLR is an innovative medium for the advancement of legal scholarship, a first-rate source of research for the legal profession, and a forum for law students to develop their legal skills.

The journal promotes a diversity of opinion on current and relevant legal issues by soliciting articles from jurists, practitioners, and academics. The journal also publishes interviews with distinguished members of the legal profession and book reviews. The OLR’s distinct reputation has resulted in its articles being cited by a number of Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Through its annual events, the OLR further connects the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law with members of the legal community. Each year, the OLR hosts a Symposium, Alumni Dinner, and Podcast Series.

Volume 55 Editorial Board | 2023-24

Annina Trecroce

Editor-in-Chief, Administration | Rédactrice en chef, administration


Mireille Dubé

Editor-in-Chief, French Articles | Rédactrice en chef, articles français


Shaarini Ravitharan

Editor-in-Chief, English Articles | Rédactrice en chef, articles anglais


Vanessa Matta

Executive Editor, French | Rédactrice exécutive, français cycle@uottawa.ca

Gabrielle da Silva

Executive Editor, English | Rédactrice exécutive, anglais


Anaïs Kneppers

Submissions Manager, French | Gestionnaire de soumissions, français lawrev.submissions@uottawa.ca

Margaret Elizabeth Fox

Submissions Manager, English | Gestionnaire de soumissions, anglais

Andrew Clark-Alfaro

Human Resources Manager | Gestionnaire des ressources humaines

Alex Bernicchia-Freeman

Business Manager | Gestionnaire des affaires rdo-olr.finance@uottawa.ca

Kyla Mackie

Communications Manager | Gestionnaire des communications rdo-olr.communications@uottawa.ca

Sophia DiNicolo

Academic and Professional Development Manager | Gestionnaire des affaires académiques et professionnelles

Desron Harry

Online Manager, Blog | Gestionnaire en ligne, blogue

Erin Pellicane

Online Manager, Podcasts | Gestionnaire en ligne, balados

Mckenna Merkas

Research Colloquium Manager | Gestionnaire du colloque de recherche

Leonie van Haeren

Special Projects Manager | Gestionnaire de projets spéciaux

Kyle Kirkup

Faculty Advisor | Professeur-conseil

Yan Campagnolo

Faculty Advisor | Professeur-conseil

Past Editorial Boards

The Ottawa Law Review is thankful for the guidance and assistance provided by our faculty advisors Professors Kyle Kirkup and Yan Campagnolo.